Michelin Star Restaurants in the UK

Having dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant is without a doubt a unique experience that you will most probably want to repeat. The United Kingdom is the perfect place for enjoying a really nice dinner due to the fact that there are plenty of amazing restaurants with famous chefs. If you are actually planning to visit this country in the future then add on your to-do list the following Michelin Star restaurants where you must definitely dine with your partner.

Angler, London

Do you want to dine in a fancy restaurant where the food is prepared by famous chefs? If so, then we highly recommend you this Michelin-Star restaurant, located in the beautiful city of London. The view from here is stunning, as the restaurant is actually situated on the seventh floor of the South Place Hotel. Angler serves delicious seafood which is actually impeccably crafted. The lovely combination of sophisticated vibe, consistent food, and ultra-polished service attracts clients from all over England, and that’s why you must not miss it either.

Brat, London

The best thing about this place, after the food obviously, is the fact that there is an open kitchen that allows you to see how your dish is being prepared. You will feel like you are exactly in the kitchen, and it is certainly a unique feeling. The interior is welcoming and very comfortable. Couples in particular like this restaurant as it has a quite romantic atmosphere. The menu is varied and even the most demanding client will surely find something to his liking. If you are visiting London alone then a great idea would be to hire an escort and invite her to dinner. London escorts are not very beautiful and charming but extremely smart and educated as well, and they can accompany their clients in all sort of places in case this is their request. Therefore, don’t hesitate and look for a London escort agency https://www.escortguide.co.uk/escorts/london and choose a girl to your liking.

Sat Bains, Nottingham

There is no doubt that Nottingham is a very beautiful place to visit, but if you ever get here then you must not forget to book a table at Sat Bains, an excellent Michelin-Star restaurant. This location has a stellar reputation and lots of awards, including top spot on the Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants. Book your table with at least a week in advance because Sat Bains is extremely busy most of the time, especially on weekends.

Pony & Trap, Bristol

We would like to conclude our article with this lovely Michelin-Star restaurant in the amazing city of Bristol. All the dishes look like some works of art. They are beautifully and originally arranged on the plate. The menu is varied and it changes quite often so that clients can try something new and interesting all the time. The ingredients used for the food are fresh as they come from just across the Valley. The building looks like an old inn and combined with the beautiful landscapes creates the perfect place for couples or for those who want to enjoy a delicious dinner in a quiet and tranquil place.

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